The company DSS Polska

Our company specializes in transporting FTL shipments on a domestic and international scale. We provide transport services of construction materials mostly, using both regular size trailers 13.6 and dump trucks, as well as dedicated vehicles such as crane trucks or silo trailers for the transport of granular materials.

We own 60 tractor units and cooperate on a regular basis with about 150 subcontractors.

Our company offers logistics services using a warehouse of 7 000 m2 that we have at our disposal.

If you decide to entrust us with transporting your freight, you are welcome to submit a request for proposal.

If your cargo requires full warehousing service in central Poland, we will also be happy to receive your request for proposal.

We ensure that we will do our utmost to customize our services to your needs.

Send a request for proposal by e-mail or fax

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